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The New Spider-Man Movie Will Be The Best Spider-Man Movie Ever Made



Why The New Spider-Man Movie Will Be The Best Spider-Man Movie Ever Made?

Earlier this week, Tom Holland accepted an interview with Total Film, emphasizing that the new movie will be surprisingly dark. “People will be really surprised that this movie is not funny,” Holland said. “It’s dark, it’s sad, and it really has an impact. This is a strange way of selling Spider-Man movies, especially because the Dutch version of the character is clearly a much-needed frivolity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and despite the constant quips, it is often fatally serious. But it has a certain meaning: No way home is positioned as the ending of the trilogy, no matter what Spider-Man’s plan is, the ending is a bit sad.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home”

will be released December 17, 2021

The second trailer will be released on November 16th tomorrow


At the same time, a blog post by Gizmodo became popular for quoting a quote from former Spider-Man Andrew Garfield: “Money is a thing that has corrupted all of us and caused the terrible ecological collapse that we are about to die. “Read the title. This is an excerpt from an introduction by The Guardian, in which Garfield mainly talks about his career in an abstract way-he is currently starring in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Jonathan Larsson musical ” Tick, tick…boom! On Netflix-but he did notice that his experience as Spider-Man disappointed him a bit. (He also said that he was joking about the ecological collapse, kind of.)

The third movie Spider-Man Tobey Maguire hasn’t really been interviewed these days, but there are many people on the Internet who are trying to convince you that he is.


All this is quite extreme, but because of the latest MCU gimmick: the multiverse, a familiar sci-fi metaphor, asserting the existence of infinite parallel realities, each reality is different in large and small. In practice, the expansion into the multiverse makes it possible for Marvel Studios to tell independent stories deleted from its ten-year-long continuous narrative, and to eliminate the possibility that one movie or show may have an impact on another by determining that it happened in another universe. The impact of a movie or show. This hasn’t happened yet, but it could happen-and since the 2018 animated movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” has also shown a series of Spider-Man from different universes (not to mention the“”No Way Home”” trailer, in which Including the Spider-Man movie from Sam Raimi), fans feel that anything is possible.



Frankly speaking, the current state of Spider-Man is beyond weird, and everyone has verbally made interesting mirror distortions of this character, but in reality, it’s not like that. In the process of two MCU movies, Peter Parker went from an ordinary kid who admired superheroes to a man with a multi-million dollar AI killing suit and high-tech super weapon keys. Throughout the trilogy, Parker quickly transformed from an aspiring fandom (maybe you are out of luck, but if you have a sense of responsibility and never give up, you can become extraordinary)-as a fandom for corporate activities (Come and see all your toys in one movie!).


Andrew Garfield has become perhaps the most valuable voice in the entire scenario, articulating the conflict between what a character means to adoring fans (which he memorably displayed at a convention not long after he was cast in 2011) and what they mean to the corporations that own them — and how this ultimately suffocates art and


Anything isn’t possible, contrary to what the No Way Home propaganda would have you believe.Contracts, attorneys, and corporate executives with brands to protect regulate big franchise movies, in addition to the actual human individuals who aren’t merely corporate puppets prepared to put on a suit (or have their face digitally changed into one) at the drop of a hat. Whatever happens in No Way Home, even if it’s fantastic — and it very well could be — will be the result of meticulous negotiations between hundreds of stakeholders, all of whom are more intertwined than usual because to the movie universe’s unique interconnectedness. And the more powerful and profitable those interested parties grow, the more risk-averse — and thus less human — they become.



To put it another way, the multiverse isn’t as huge as you may believe. It may, however, be large enough for Peter Parker to become disoriented.

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