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‘Dancing On Glass’ What Happens To Irene And Aurora?



Dancing on Glass is a Spanish language film directed by Jota Linares. María Pedraza and Paula Losada play Irene and Aurora, after two women play ballerinas in a ballet company. When a huge passion was put into the ballerina for the new director’s role, she and other actors became friends who separated them from the real world, living without the expectations of others.

The film premiered on Netflix on April 8, 2022 to mixed reviews, with some calling for an encore of the 2010 film Black Swan.

Here’s what the movie wants:

Dance on Glass Synopsis

It has a story that follows the truth of two important characters. It all started with the death of the first ballerina of the suicidal company. She will soon be replaced by Irène, who knows that everyone hates the role another dancer named Ruth will play. Irene was badly hurt by her actor friends and lacked support from her family. He begins to feel lonely and meets Aurora, who marvels at having a spot on her face that the others appreciate from the first day of practice. Both create a contract and quickly become inseparable. The girls find comfort in being alone and relaxing in what others expect of them. Aurora is controlled by her mother, who is a ballerina herself and wants her daughter to fulfill her dream. Aurora, who had never had a love in her life, met John, who flirted with him.

He loves her, but breaks up to find her with another woman. The shock of seeing this led to a car accident that severely injured Aurora. He stayed home to rest and stay away from Irene. Her mother refuses to acknowledge Aurora and Irene’s friendship, but the girls persuade Irene to stay together.


Giselle and Parallels’ story of Irene and Aurora’s life.

Giselle is a romantic ballet dancer who fascinates many people. It is in both acts and depicts the heartbreak of a beautiful peasant girl who falls in love with the seducer Albrecht. When his plans come to fruition, Giselle is powerfully dead and Albrecht must face the rest of the world through his evil seduction. In Deuteronomy 2, we see a story of what revenge on the young women betrayed by their lovers, who danced every night, driving the men to death from exhaustion. . However, Giselle is unique in that she does not retaliate and surrenders to herself and her lover.

Death, deception, revenge and the search for love are the main characters in the lives of Irene and Aurora. They seek whatever solace they can find in each other, but everyone around them seems to be bleeding. From parents to baseball coaches and friends, the only safe place for the two of us to dance together.

Dancing on Glass concludes the description

On the night of the show, Aurora sneaks backstage with Irene. This makes him confident that he is dancing perfectly on stage.

Before Rule 2 begins, their coach Norma finds Aurora backstage and tries to pull her away from Irene. An argument breaks out in the locker room and Irene tries to stop Aurora from pushing Norma away. He hit his head against the table and died. Despite the jolt, Aurora asked Irene to finish the dance as if nothing had happened. He knew it wouldn’t be long before they found out. Aurora was relieved to see him dancing. By the end of the show, people know that Irene and Norma are missing.

After the show, Irene runs on the roof with Aurora. They are in a safe place. Aurora’s mother saw them there, but it was too late. They both jump off the roof, ready to live in the land of their eternal dreams. We can say that they too left themselves a world of frustration and bitterness. They hope to reach the land of virgins who dance every night in the afterlife.


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