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Why Is Ana De Armas Beautiful



Why Is Ana De Armas Beautiful

October-After the pandemic delayed the original version for more than a year- actress ana De Armas will finally be the first Bond woman of our time since Times Up and the last to star in the famous secret with Daniel Craig The heroine is on the big screen. agent. If De Armas plays the 21st-century Bond woman in No Time to Die, her next role will surely cement her reputation by giving the long-awaited depth to the typically charming role. Will appear on Netflix later this year, and the blonde will see the actress transform into Marilyn Monroe, filming a biopic about the famous original bomb. De Armas also went deep into the beauty industry this month and became the newest spokesperson of Estee Lauder.


Here, she tells Bazaar about Mrs. Lauders’ inspiring legacy, Los Angeles beauty standards, and how she hopes to break the glamorous pitfalls of a traditional Bond woman. Born in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba with dual Cuban and Spanish citizenship, Ana opened up for beauty in the United States against her native Cuba. Appreciate the radiance of Ana de Armas and I guarantee you will be on the hunt for her beauty routine. cuban actress ana de armas ana de armas movies


That is, when she’s not in a makeup chair, she becomes glamorous for iconic roles such as her most recent role as Bond woman Paloma in No Time to Die and Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s upcoming Blonde. When he’s not on the red carpet or promoting a movie, he prefers to be casual.



Growing up outside Havana, she began working in Cuban productions while still in theater school. Before making her headway in Hollywood, she moved to Spain at age 18 and began getting roles within two weeks of arriving. After making a splash on the Spanish TV series El Internado (Boarding School), she moved to Hollywood and paid her dues with a series of obligatory girlfriends (see, among others, Blade Runner 2049).


Initially, since he did not speak English, he learned the lines phonetically. Ready for further career advancement, she moved to Los Angeles and took English lessons to come face to face with other American actresses and avoid being called typically outdated Latin American roles.



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There he quickly climbed the corporate ladder in Spanish cinema (via CinemaBlend). At the age of 18, she moved to Madrid, Spain, and for six seasons from 2007 to 2010, she starred in the hit teen drama Internationale. After moving to Los Angeles, de Armas played an English-language role in a thriller. (2015) and the crime-comedy film War Dogs (2016) and played a supporting role in the sports biopic Hands of Stone (2016).




In such a short time, de Armas has become an actress, adorned with an impressive assortment, and she is just at the beginning. Ana de Armas is starring in the new Bond film No Time to Die and she just appeared on the red carpet in very good shape.


Ana holds the camera high and takes pictures of herself in a cute red and white polka dot dress. Another selfie of Ana with the same short caption containing emoticons. Ana, 33, updated her Instagram with photos showing her preparation for GG – although there was her fabulous floor-length dress, fans were likely looking at the famous brooches when she was wearing black and white shots of the balcony. they showed up like a complete

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So if you want to see more of her pretty face hit the blue subscribe button. In the photo, he finally manages to announce his new exciting project, another Bond film. From the outset, she talks about how to overcome past stereotypes in Hollywood as a Latin actress, turning into Marilyn Monroe and the fascination of being a Bond girl.


Because every day is like a weekend, I have time to wash my face, apply La Mers The Concentrate serum, moisturizing cream and mask, and try different treatments. I have this small cosmetic refrigerator, this mini refrigerator, it is very cold in the morning, I put my] eye ​​cream there, and I woke up immediately.



I remember using my grandmother’s face creams – she was always so elegant and beautiful. It was great to go back to that time and take a look at her beauty routine and how she does her face.

I don’t know why, because it wasn’t even the perfume she was going to wear, it was just her scent. I don’t know, I think at the time I thought it was really cool [laughs]. Also, I didn’t really have any items to wear, because in Cuba it is not what it usually is.


My understanding of caring for and protecting my skin was born with age. I’ve learned over the years, especially lately, as we all had so much time for me at home to enjoy the morning and use it to really take care of ourselves.

It is fresh, beautiful and tasty, and I put it at any time of the day. “I was very excited when I managed to create the Beautiful Magnolia campaign because I really love this perfume. ana de armas looked



I associate it with a kind of perfection and a standard of beauty that goes beyond the usual. Ana de Armas did not consider herself beautiful enough to play the Bond girl. In the film, de Armas plays a Bond girl as a CIA agent named Paloma, but on the red carpet, she wore a custom Louis Vuitton gown with a striking slip on her legs. After several years of relatively laid-back red carpet behavior, de Armas began to dive into her glamor.  ana de armas stock


She began her career in her hometown of Cuba, where she starred in the romantic drama Una rosa de Francia (2006). She was previously known mainly in the Hispanic entertainment world. The beauty reproduced an artificial intelligence hologram named Joy and captivated the audience. It even earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.



In an interview with a Hispanic magazine, the red carpet beauty went into detail about her top beauty and fashion tips. The actress recently had to stop by for an evening show and share a couch seat with other famous faces. You might assume that Ana de Armas – with her long eyelashes, perfectly lacquered pouting lips and chic French haircut – has a wonderful knowledge of beauty, and we’re happy to say you’re right. Having taken Hollywood by storm, the Golden Globe-nominated actress is now targeting the world of beauty, taking on the glamorous role of the new global ambassador for Estee Lauders.


But the 33-year-old actress has been on the red carpet much longer than you think. Play the new lover of Daniel Craig in the upcoming James Bond movie. Cuban actress Anna de Armas starred in Blade Runner 2049 (now available), a sequel to the 1982 classic movie starring Hollywood heartthrobs Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. The Knives Out star will play the role of a New Bond girl in No Time to Die in October this year, and will appear in the upcoming Netflix action film The Gray Man, and is now the global brand ambassador of Estee Lauder.


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