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Scarlett Johansson Finally Addresses “Outrageous” Elevator Sex Rumor



Scarlett Johansson is setting the record straight.

In 2005, Esquire interviewed Benicio del Toro. In an interview, he asked, “Did I sleep with Scarlett Johansson in the elevator after the awards show?” He continued to stutter on his own words. “I like it, you know, I’m, well, I don’t know.” m has happened before. It won’t be the end. Johansson has now broken his silence on these rumors that have been circulating for years.

During his 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. appearance with the Skimm Podcast, he called the rumor “false.” Johansson, after 19, told the podcast: “Maybe they still write articles like this about people,” Johansson, after 19, told the podcast: “Well, I’m thinking of writing more swear words, swear words about young actors when I was younger.” This special rumor followed him long after his announcement. An old Metro article quoted by Johansson confirms having had an affair with the 37-year-old actor. “We were having sex or having sex, it was very impure,” he said. “He was a good man.”

But on the podcast, he dropped the rumors. “Also, I always like, ‘It’s going to be very difficult. The short term…that logistics doesn’t seem to interest me. Try it.’ So if you knew me, it would have been more amazing.” Del Toro was never mentioned by the title of the podcast, but it’s now a rumor that will leave the message. Choose to relax.

It is unclear why Sicario created the crazy rumors about Johansson who was still young at the time. Both actors later appeared in Avengers: Infinity War. Johansson starred in films such as Natasha Romanoff, called The Black Widow, and del Toro as Taneleer Tivan, as the author. But they don’t have a romantic relationship or share a screen in the movies.


Del Toro is currently single, but has a daughter, Delilah Stewart, born in 2011 with Kimberly Stewart (daughter of British singer Rod Stewart). Johansson is now married to SNL Colin Jost and they have a son. She also has a daughter with Romain Dauriac, owner of the Société Radio-Canada.

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