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The Matrix 4 everything we know so far



The Matrix 4 everything we know so far

The most famous sci-fi franchise of all will return for a fourth instalment in 2021. Yes, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and others will reunite with filmmaker Lana Wachowski for a fourth instalment in the acclaimed Matrix franchise.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to be re-entering ‘The Matrix’ with Lana,” Warner Bros. Picture Group chairman Toby Emmerich said in a statement announcing the new picture. Lana is a true visionary – a one-of-a-kind and unique creative filmmaker – and we’re ecstatic that she’ll be writing, directing, and producing this next chapter in the ‘The Matrix’ world.”

So buckle up and prepare to enter the Matrix once more — here’s everything we know about The Matrix 4 so far, from cast members to a release date, plot, trailers, and more. talking

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has announced that he will play Morpheus.

On September 9, the first full trailer was published.


On Dec 22, The matrix will Resurrections will be released in theatr

es. From the same day, it will be available on HBO Max in the United States.

The film’s title, The Matrix Resurrections, was announced at Warner Bros. CinemaCon, along with a full-length trailer. Reel

Lilly Wachowski, who is most known for directing the original Matrix trilogy, has spoken out about why she won’t be directing the next sequel.

In ‘The Matrix 4’, Keanu Reeves reprises his role as Neo. Getty Images



When will the fourth instalment of The Matrix be released?

The Matrix 4 was originally scheduled to hit theatres on May 20, 2021, the same day as Keanu Reeves’ other upcoming picture, John Wick 4.

However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, production on The Matrix 4 was interrupted. The release date was then postponed until April 2022.



After filming in Germany and San Francisco, the film has been preparing to shoot in Berlin since the beginning of March. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. then put the production on hold indefinitely.


On December 22, The Matrix Resurrections will be released in theatres. From the same day, it will be available on HBO Max in the United States.


Is there a preview for The Matrix 4 yet?

On September 9, a full trailer was published, showing Neo visiting a therapist played by Neil Patrick Harris and Trinity working in a coffee shop before the red pill hijinks resumed. Below is a trailer for the  matrix  film.

On September 6, a teaser trailer for the film was published. You may get your first peek at video from the film by visiting the official website and selecting the red or blue pill. matrix

You see varied video from the trailer depending on the pill you chose and the time you access the site. There are over 180,000 video variants, according to Entertainment Weekly. matrix



Who is in the upcoming fourth matrix film’s cast?

Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as Neo, with Carrie-Anne Moss reprising her part as Trinity. They team up with Lana Wachowski, the original Matrix filmmaker.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman, Watchmen) has announced that he will play Morpheus in the fourth instalment, posting a photo of himself on Instagram with pistols and shades.

Neil Patrick Harris, who starred in How I Met Your Mother, is another name that has been announced for the Matrix 4 cast. The actor’s exact role is being kept a secret, but it is claimed to be “important.”



Jessica Henwick, who starred in Iron Fist and Game of Thrones, also has a significant role in the film, though no details have been released yet.

Andrew Caldwell of iZombie fame has also been announced to star with Priyanka Chopra and Jonathan Groff of Mindhunter in the film.

Another confirmed name is Jada Pinkett Smith, who will reprise her role as Niobe from The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

However, one actor has announced that he would not be returning for the sequel. Hugo Weaving, who played Agent Smith in the previous three films, just confirmed that he will not be appearing in the fourth because filming conflicts with his starring role in The Visit on Broadway.



Is The Matrix 4 currently in production?

Yes, it has. Fans in San Francisco’s Chinatown have shared footage of Reeves on set for the film on social media.

Fans have noticed that Reeves’ character, Neo, has changed his outfit selections since the film was released, as he wore a more casual green jacket, pants, and beanie hat.

Online commenters have theorised that Neo’s oddly conventional clothes may indicate that he has been re-plugged into the Matrix.

The film’s production was initially scheduled to begin in Chicago in February 2020, however there is definitely already activity in San Francisco. According to the San Francisco-based newspaper SFGATE, the film’s working title is Project Ice Cream.

“The San Francisco Picture Commission confirmed to SFGATE that a significant film with the working title Project Ice Cream is set to shoot in San Francisco in February, around the same time as production on The Matrix 4 is set to begin,” they wrote.


Of course, now that manufacturing has been halted due to COVID-19, there will be no further updates for at least a while.


What can we expect from The Matrix 4 in terms of plot?

Lana Wachowski and her cast are keeping all storey elements for the upcoming film under wraps.

Lana remarked in a statement announcing the film’s confirmation, “Many of the themes [sister] Lilly [Wachowski] and I explored 20 years ago regarding our reality are much more pertinent now.” “I’m overjoyed to have these characters back in my life, and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with my wonderful pals once more.”

The screenplay for the film is being written by Wachowski, Aleksandar Hemon, and David Mitchell.


Abdul-Mateen, who has seen the script, told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m quite enthusiastic to do it.” I think there’ll be a lot of… it’s a very exciting and important script that I’m thrilled to be a part of.”


What could The Matrix 4 entail?

Neil Patrick Harris discusses Lana Wachowski and the director’s idea for the film in an interview with SiriusXM.

“I have high hopes that fans will appreciate all of Lana’s and everyone’s efforts on this film,” he stated. “I’m a huge Lana Wachowski admirer; I think she’s a wonderful person who exudes a wonderful inclusive attitude.”



“And her visual style has shifted from what she had done to what she is currently doing,” he continued. It’s evolved in a positive way, and she’s such a shining star.”

matrix trailer released on 9/9 of sep anyway you can  watch  it  here below

And advice from us to enjoy the fourth movie of the matrix series, watch the last three of matrix movies

That’s all we know about the sequel and everything we know so far


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