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hawkeye first two episode review



first two episodes of hawkeye Review


Hours ago, Marvel released the first two episodes of the new serie “hawkeye”


“Glory to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest hero, Kate Bishop!” sang the herald angels.



Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye from Marvel Comics, makes her live-action debut on Disney+’s Hawkeye after years of anticipation. Kate has been a fan favourite character since her debut in Young Avengers in 2005, but especially since her co-starring role with Clint Barton in Matt Fraction and  starring  with David Aja’s critically acclaimed Hawkeye comics run. So there was a lot riding on the latest television endeavour from the House of Ideas.


It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to Kate, who is played by Hailee Steinfeld, who is both magnetic and entertaining. Sure, the programme is ostensibly about Kate and Clint, the MCU’s original Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, but don’t be misled. At least based on the first two episodes, this is very much Steinfeld’s show, and Renner is just along for the trip. The show wisely focuses the most of the action on Kate, and the least intriguing Avenger is forced to participate in the scheme against his choice.


Aside from Steinfeld’s performance as Kate, the show’s low-key and unassuming nature pleased me. Hawkeye isn’t concerned with large-scale issues like the Sacred Timeline’s splintering or the ugly consequences of the Blip, which is set in the days running up to Christmas in New York City. It’s about a talented young woman and her idol becoming embroiled in a convoluted fight with a gang, notably the bro-obsessed Tracksuit Mafia, one of many aspects of Fraction/run Aja’s that the programme replicates. series the first two episodes



Hawkeye is, in many respects, what the Marvel-Netflix programmes were supposed to be: Small-scale, city-level dramas that contrasted with the films’ grandiose crises while being organically related to the larger universe. Hawkeye does Marvel-Netflix in many ways better than Marvel-Netflix did in the first two parts. In fact, that was one of my first thoughts in the first scene.


new marvel’s hawkeye episodes




Hawkeye opens with a flashback to the Bishop household in the year 2012. Kate is listening in on a financial debate between her parents. Kate is closer to her father, Derek (Brian d’Arcy James), than she is to her mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga), at this time, who tries to show her that moms can be just as entertaining later. Of course, this is 2012 New York, which means the Chitauri Invasion and Battle of New York from Avengers disrupt this slice of typical household life, only this time we see it from the perspective of an affluent Manhattan apartment caught in the midst.


This entire first two episodes of the series reminded me of Kurt Busiek’s Marvels series, which is essentially a comic book about what it’s like to live in the Marvel Universe as a regular person. Furthermore, this is exactly what we all wished Daredevil and Jessica Jones might have accomplished. Wouldn’t it have been fantastic to witness a flashback of Jessica utilising her powers to help people the Avengers couldn’t get to, rather than just hearing about “New York” all the time or being informed that Jessica helped out during the crisis?


This scene plays a significant role in Kate’s backstory. Kate catches a sight of Hawkeye as he holds his own against a swarm of aliens after the conflict blows a hole in the apartment. Hawkeye became her favourite Avenger at this point, and the writing and direction do a decent enough job of convincing you that this is conceivable. Kate’s father is killed in the invasion, which is unfortunate for her. Following this, Kate determines to ensure that she is prepared for the next challenge and that she can protect those she cares about, so she begs her mother for archery training.



The episode then jumps to the present day, where we meet Kate, a 22-year-old college student. Her privilege has made her a brilliant archer and martial artist, but it has also made her reckless and impulsive, resulting in her mother having to restore her college’s bell and clock tower after she smashes it on a dare. At this point, you get the impression she has far too many superhuman abilities for her own good, but that’s part of the fun. tv review


When Kate returns to the city, her mother brings her to a posh fundraiser, where Armand Duquesne, a wealthy guy, informs Kate that Eleanor is engaged to her oily and smarmy boyfriend Jack. Kate isn’t happy about it, but when she follows Armand and Jack to a black-market auction taking place beneath the party, her unease grows to true alarm. She stands there watching as Jack bids on the Ronin’s sword, the weapon Clint Barton used during his post-Snap murder rampage. Unfortunately, the Tracksuit Mafia shows up at the auction in search of a mystery watch linked to Avengers Tower.



Kate decides to put her years of training to good use and borrows the Ronin costume, which was also for sale, to take on the Tracksuit Mafia alone. (How can the Ronin suit look so good on her? We’re not going to ask these questions.) Kate makes it out of the fight alive, with the help of a new buddy, Lucky the Pizza Dog. (In the midst of the chaos, Jack flees with the Ronin’s weapon.)


Meanwhile, Clint and his kids are going to watch Rogers: The Musical, which includes a hilarious Battle of New York-set musical song called “I Can Do This All Day,” just another example of how the world reacts to and digests all of the heroic activity (I found this musical far more compelling than anything the Spider-Man movies attempt to do in this regard.) Clint shudders as Nat walks onto the stage, since he’s still processing her death in Avengers: Endgame. Clint and his children return to the hotel after the show, where Clint sees a news programme about the Ronin’s return to New York City. As a result, he sets out to locate this individual before the Tracksuit Mafia does.


Kate dons the Ronin outfit and breaks into Armand’s huge home to investigate his suspicions. Obviously, she discovers his body in the centre of the living room, since what else could she find there; we all know how this narrative ends. The Tracksuit Mafia turns up for round two as she departs the crime scene, and this time she’s even more outnumbered than before. As the storey comes to a close, Clint appears to lend her an hand and assist her in escaping.



Unlike the previous episode, which focused on establishing Kate and Clint’s emotional state and putting the pieces in place, episode two dives right into their relationship. Kate can’t help but freak out as Clint takes her back to her apartment, not only over meeting her favourite Avenger, but also about watching him do what he does: battle, look for tails, etc… I’ve never been a fan of Renner’s Clint, but working with Steinfeld brings out a side of him that makes him more interesting. Perhaps it’s the contrast between Kate’s youthful zeal and Clint’s fatigue that’s funny. The back-and-forth between the two concerning Hawkeye’s awful branding was particularly entertaining.


The Tracksuit is a piece of clothing that is worn on Mafia tracks them down to Kate’s apartment and sets it on fire with Molotov cocktails, forcing Kate and Clint to take sanctuary in Kate’s aunt’s empty apartment. Because the show emphasises what distinguishes Clint from the other Avengers, the more time Kate spends with him, the more you can see why Kate idolises him. Clint had to learn how to bandage himself because he’s a breakable human, unlike the rest of the original seven, and he shares his knowledge with Kate while she deals to her own wounds.



Furthermore, instead of simply having Clint provide the information via expository dialogue, the programme switches to a funny and short compilation of all the massive, hearing-damaging explosions Clint has been near in previous movies when Kate asks about his hearing aid. It’s a great sight gag as well as a nice piece of character development, highlighting the everyday problems Clint has that his other heroes don’t. What does this imply for Kate’s future? Well, she’s gone to great lengths to train, which shows how much she admires Clint, a regular person, for going to great measures to defend both strangers and those he cares about.


Kate and Clint lose sight of the Ronin suit after the fire, and it ends up in the hands of a firefighter who borrows it for an upcoming LARP. Clint is obliged to join the LARP to reclaim it, which leads to one of the funniest Marvel moments. Clint, of course, makes quick work of the other players with his foam sword; however, in exchange for the firefighter returning the costume, he essentially allows himself to be defeated in front of everyone. Clint moves on to the next mission now that he has the suit back: allowing himself to be kidnapped by the Tracksuit Mafia so he can get the brothers off Kate’s back.


Meanwhile, Kate resolves to confront Jack about her doubts during dinner with her mother. When that fails, she challenges him to a fencing match, which irritates her even more because Jack simply accepts her victory. Jack hands her one of Armand’s monogrammed butterscotch chocolates after the match, confirming his involvement in Armand’s death. Kate tries to call Clint, but he can’t be reached because he’s being held by the Tracksuit Mafia.



As Kate falls through the ceiling of their refuge, she grabs her bow and heads out to find Clint, who was busy playing with the Tracksuit Mafia. Clint and Kate are afterwards bound together, which was not the idea. As the episode comes to a close, one of the brothers informs their employer, Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), that they are prepared for them. I was completely unprepared for her to be revealed as the gang’s leader.


hawkeye season one and the first two episodes of hawkeye from six episode series its a big move for marvel and disney  plus  Especially when the serie starts on  november ( nov )



Hawkeye’s first two episodes were, on the whole, pretty good. Apart from Steinfeld’s performance, I wasn’t blown away by anything else in the episode, but it served as a fun introduction to the series and had me interested to watch more. Again, I appreciate how the authors haven’t conflated “grounded” with “boring.” When compared to the rest of the MCU, Kate and Clint have very little issues to deal with, but the show strives to dramatise them in the most comedic way imaginable.  end of the first episode


and we wait now for the final episodes of hawkeye

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